Invite Xan Joi to visit your area

But What Can I Do?

Invite Xan Joi to visit your area

“But What Can I Do?”

“But What Can I Do?” is written and recently published by Xan Joi, a self-proclaimed radical Jewish and white lesbian anti-racist womonist/feminist activist and author. It is an inspiring communiqué aimed at creating a common, shared knowledge base from which to foment individual and collective action dismantling patriarchy’s racism, war, misogyny and creating the kind of society we want all to thrive in!

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Since 9/11, Xan has driven over 440,000 miles in her veggie-oil powered box truck, all four sides of which are mobile billboards emblazoned with large, pointed anti-war, anti-violence, pro-peace, pro-empowerment missives.

Xan Joi

“Prior to 9/11, I considered myself to be a radical womon who was very well-informed, well-read, conscious with my eyes-wide-open, standing tall, speaking up for those silenced, confronting bigotry wherever it reared its ugly head; a womon who proudly touted and treasured my level of awareness and comprehension of what was happening in our country and why. But little did I know that, like the rings of a six thousand year old Baobab tree, I had many, many, many more stratum to uncover and incorporate into my grasp.”

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It is so passed time! We MUST act NOW! Let’s make a plan!
Xan Joi activist and author
Xan Joi
Author & Activist